The interuniversity Consortium “Istituto Nazionale di Biostrutture e Biosistemi” (INBB- Biostructures and Biosystems National Institute) promotes and coordinates scientific research activities in the field of Biostructures and Biosystems between partner universities, for projects at national and international level. The Biostructures and Biosystems represent the intersection and the synthesis between the life sciences (biology and medicine) and physical sciences (chemistry, physics, engineering and mathematics).

To achieve its institutional purpose, the Consortium has a strategic objective of increasing and qualifying the research activities of its members. It aims to promote the development of project proposal and the management of financial resources on behalf of the Research Units of the University belonging to the Consortium, caring for their organizational and administrative needs. Through the adherence to the interuniversity Consortium INBB you can participate in an interdisciplinary scientific community that currently sees the presence of 23 public universities in the field of Life Sciences.

At the meeting of June 18th, 2013, the INBB board decided to process a document which would contain a portfolio of INBB projects. The projects have been lumped under the term “platform” which, as defined by the Italian Ministry of Education of the Technology Platforms, represents “Organizational Aggregative Structures” bringing together, for the pursuit of specific objectives (priority representing Italian interests in Europe), all Italian operators: industrial, scientific, and institutional ones.

This document relating to the INBB Scientific and Technological Platforms wants to be a working tool to allow, not only a greater visibility to the outside of the researches carried out by INBB members, but also a greater sharing of projects between INBB members, in order to facilitate the creation of a network or a skills network, useful for the development of new research projects, and for the implementation of already started research projects.

The INBB platforms already identified are the following:

  1. innovative biosensors for the environment and health
  2. environment and health: endocrine disrupter and bioremediation
  3. regenerative medicine and stem cells
  4. protein misfolding and amyloidosis in neurodegenerative diseases
  5. gender medicine
  6. translational oncology

For each platform it is described: a brief introduction, the related list of research projects realised by INBB received by the participants, the most important publications during the years 2012-2013. With regard to the proposals for research projects included in platforms, such projects have been prepared in relation to the possible industrial effects that may be of interest for the sector companies and that contain innovative elements of science and technology.