The Interuniversity Consortium I.N.B.B. operates with these objectives:

  • To proceed with the establishment and management of its sections and national research laboratories and, subsequently to conventional agreements, it constitutes research units by public and private research organizations;
  • Encouraging the development of scientific cooperation between the partner universities and other public and private research institutions, national and international, working in the field of Biostructures and Biosystems;
  • To provide the participating universities with equipments, laboratories and centers that can support the work of PhDs and in the training of researchers;
  • To promote and encourage, including granting of scholarships and research, the preparation of experts in basic research, in technological developments and applications of Biostructures and Biosystems;
  • Transferring of national and international research results in the sanitary field and in the industrial sector, including the activities planned and financed according to Legislative Decree n. 297/99 and subsequent regulations;
  • Being in charge, in collaboration with leading environmental organizations and healthcare industry, of the implementation of materials, products and technologically advanced equipments;
  • To conduct ordered studies and researches for government organizations, public and private institutions, public and private companies, providing them with means and support related to issues in their area of expertise;
  • Taking part in the study, implementation and management of initiatives in the framework of scientific projects and international cooperation agreements, including participation in companies.

The I.N.B.B. Consortium stipulates agreements with universities and public and private institutions, national and international foundations or companies, operating in the same sectors of the Consortium activities.

The scientific approach of the Consortium foresees, designing and conducting of research, methodologies of physics, chemistry, engineering and molecular biology. Therefore, since the beginning of ts activities, the areas of research, under Art. 11 of the Statute, are the following:

INBB has developed a non-exhaustive list of projects. These projects, involve three or more units of research of the Consortium, in many cases with significant connections with the scientific and productive world. They are appointed by the term “platform” which, as defined by the Ministry of Education of the Technology Platforms, are defined as: “Aggregative Organized Structures” bringing together, for the pursuit of specific objectives (representing primarily the Italian interests in Europe), all Italian operators: industrial, scientific, and institutional ones.

The six platforms INBB already identified are as follows.

  1. Innovative Biosensors for Environment and Health
  2. Environment and health: endocrine interferenti and bioremediation
  3. Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells
  4. Protein misfolding and amyloidosis in neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Medicine gender
  6. Translational Oncology