Biosystems and Bioregulations

This area looks at all the processes of interaction and exchange of information and matter between cells in their tissue organisation and in their organisational system.

These interactions include the processes of recognition and joining between normal and transformed cells, the implications in the control of the cellular differentiation, the origin, transmission and elaboration of signals of a physical and chemical nature such as those of neural networks all the way to the study of sensory, motor and metabolic systems and pharmacokinetics.

This area also includes the study of the physiology of the nervous system and its plasticity, the behaviour and the cognitive and emotional interactions between a subject and its environment and the study of the molecular mechanisms of degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

This research area also looks at image diagnostics and interventional radiology of organs and systems, and nuclear medicine, with skills in the area of general radiotherapy, oncology, and the anatomy of clinical radiology.

This area also has an interest in protection from radiation, medical radiobiology and image diagnosis applied to sports.