23 maggio 2022

INBB_ScienceForUkraine – Request from Nataliia Seliukova

Hello. I am a researcher from Ukraine. I want to continue my work in the field of reproductive biology. It is possible that my work does not fully correspond to the profile of your research. But I am very interested in biology in all its manifestations. I am adding a resume and some of my publications. Thanks for any reply.

Nataliia Seliukova

РезюмеSome publications Seliukova

23 maggio 2022

INBB_ScienceForUkraine – Request from Volodymyr Polishchuk

Dear head team of Consorzio Interuniversitario!

My name is Polishchuk Volodymyr, I am a Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Software Systems, Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine).

I received information from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine about the instruments of financial support for Ukrainian scientists in connection with the deployment of a full-scale war in Ukraine.

In this regard, I would like to express my gratitude to you for the proposals for the positions of Ukrainian researchers. In our difficult times, this is very important, and we appreciate it.

At the moment, due to financial difficulties, I am also forced to look for a short-term remote position with the possibility of an extension.

The area of my research interests is related to your research topic, in the context of modeling the applied tasks that you set. I have significant scientific achievements in modern mathematical theory, namely: mathematics of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic; neuro-fuzzy networks; issues in the field of information technology; mathematical models and methods to support decision-making in fuzzy and risky conditions; methods of information modeling of fuzzy knowledge; hybrid models to support decision-making for the safe and sustainable development of various complex systems of operation; methodology for comprehensive evaluation of startup projects; methodology for assessing process control in complex systems and many others. Founder of the methodology for assessing the level of process control in complex systems.

Author of more than 150 scientific works, 40 of them in databases Scopus / Web of Science, 12 methodical publications, and 3 monographs. The total number of citations, excluding self-citations, is 289, of which 163 are journals in the Scopus / Web of Science databases. h-index: 8 (Scopus), 5 (Web of Science), 11 (Google Scholar).

In your project, it can be useful for the development of mathematical models of researched problems, and their approbation. I have experience in developing innovative web platforms, for example, to present research results. Also, I have experience as a reviewer and responsible author of publications in world journals.

Is it possible to consider my candidacy for short-term remote work in your wonderful team?

In the application, I also send my CV.

Thank you for your support!

Slava Ukrayini!

CV Polishchuk_2022

Kind regards,


Assoc. prof., DrSc.

Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine)


ORCID ID 0000-0003-4586-1333

Scopus Author ID: 57192545832

ResearcherID: F-6750-2019

23 maggio 2022

INBB_ScienceForUkraine – Request from Marharyta Vasnietsova

My name is Marharyta Vasnietsova, I am a citizen of Ukraine, currently in Kyiv. I graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a Bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences in 2019.

I have read that your institution can offer a research placement or online courses. Could you please tell me more about this and if this is still available?

Please let me know if you have a 3-months summer internship position in the environmental field. I’ve attached my CV, thank you in advance.

Best regards.


23 maggio 2022

INBB_ScienceForUkraine – Request from Natalia Kashpur

Dear Sir/Madam

I have seen a recent article of your university for Ukrainian scientists. I am really grateful for such opportunity for Ukrainians due to such horrible events. I would like to tell you about myself. I have been working in science for 20 years, specialities

immunology and microbiology. I am a Philosophy doctor in microbiology and I always try to improve my qualifications and skills in my sphere. I would really appreciate an opportunity to continue my work with the support of your Institut and to be helpful.

If you need any further information about my qualifications I will sent you all necessary documents with a great pleasure. Me and my family are in Netherlands now and we really need your help.

I have an opportunity to move to Pinetо

Yours sincerely,

Natalia Kashpur

CV-Nataliia Kashpur (1)

Publication Kashpur

16 maggio 2022

In fuga dall’inferno – Tutti Europa VentiTrenta (Pietro ragni 11/05/2022)


In fuga dall’inferno

Tutti Europa VentiTrenta

Pietro Ragni 11/05/2022

10 maggio 2022

W20 Rome International Meeting Donne e futuro Combattere la discriminazione femminile per il giusto ruolo delle donne nella società (Roma, 11 maggio 2022)

Mercoledì 11 maggio 2022 ore 10,00
Sala Spadolini – MIBAC
Via del Collegio Romano, 27 – Roma


5 maggio 2022

Benvenuto a Oleksandra Fedchenko presso il Laboratorio Nazionale di Biologia Molecolare e Ingegneria delle Cellule Staminali (INBB) – Eldor Lab

Siamo molto lieti di dare il benvenuto nel Laboratorio Nazionale di Biologia Molecolare e Ingegneria delle Cellule Staminali (INBB) – Eldor Lab, diretto dal professor Carlo Ventura, alla dott.ssa Oleksandra Fedchenko. La dottoressa Fedchenko, che fino a poco tempo fa lavorava a Kiev, sua città natale, è dovuto fuggire dal proprio paese a causa della guerra. Siamo lieti di aver potuto, al’interno di un progetto di ricerca sostenuto dalla Fondazione Aiutiamoli a Vivere (, darle l’opportunità di continuare il suo cammino professionale, sperando di fornirle il supporto necessario in  un contesto amichevole e sereno. La dottoressa, nonostante la sua giovane età (23 anni), si è subito dimostrata molto capace e preparata. Benvenuta Oleksandra!


We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Oleksandra Fedchenko to the National Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Stem Cell Engineering (INBB) – Eldor Lab, directed by Professor Carlo Ventura. Due to the war  Dr. Fedchenko, who worked in her hometown Kiev, had to flee her country. We are pleased to have been able, within a research project supported by the “Aiutiamoli a Vivere Foundation” (, to give her the opportunity to continue her professional journey, hoping to provide her with the support she needs in a friendly contest.  Aleksandra, despite her young age (23 years), immediately proved to be very capable and prepared.

Welcome Oleksandra!

immagine laboratorio inbb

Da sinistra: Valentina Taglioli (ELDOR), Martina Marcuzzi (UNIBO), Oleksandra Fedchenko (INBB), Chiara Zannini (ELDOR).

28 aprile 2022

5th Functional DNA Nanotechnology Workshop

Si tiene a Roma dal 25 al 27 Maggio prossimi la quinta edizione del Convegno sulle Nanotecnologie collegate al DNA co-organizzato da CeNS (Centro di NanoScienze) dell’Università Ludwig-Maximilians di Monaco (DE) e dall’INBB. Il promotore e ospite è il nostro Francesco Ricci dell’Università di Tor Vergata.



17 aprile 2022

Il Settimanale della FAV – Ricerca e Solidarietà del Consorzio INBB attraverso il Prof. Carlo Ventura

Il Settimanale della FAV_50_DEF

a pag. 3 l’articolo “Ricerca e Solidarietà”

23 marzo 2022

Scienze for Ucraine – Impegno INBB – Contratto Post-Doc presso l’Unità coordinata dal Prof. Bussolino dell’Università di Torino

L’adesione INBB all’iniziativa ScienceforUcraine si esplicita con l’offerta del Prof. Federico Bussolino di attivare un contratto post-doc di durata bienneale presso il proprio Dipartimento di Oncologia dell’Università di Torino nell’area di Biochimica cellulare.