The BIO-ALL Final conference (Lisbon, 27-28 October 2021)

Our project is reaching its end and we are proud to present to you the Bio-All final conference and the Gear Box Accelerator Demo-Day.

These events are organized in an interactive way as a space to captivate and promote interest in the Bio-All Gear Box Accelerator start-ups and directed at the entrepreneurial community, investors, corporate partners, and members eager to know more about the Bio-All Gear Box Accelerator Teams. You can participate in this event in person at Associação Industrial Portuguesa (Praça das Indústrias, 1300 Lisboa) or online.

On this 2-day event you will have the opportunity to hear about and get to know the project major results and achievements. In the afternoon of the 27th October the partners staff and invited experts will present the Bio-All Blueprint for the BioHealth sector, the joint-international Post-Graduation in BioHealth, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the joint-international Accelerator Programme and the BioHealth Hub.

On the 28th October in the morning, you can watch the clinic pitch of the new batch of start-ups and witnessing these teams being launched to new heights:

NeuroSoV: focuses on validating small molecules with therapeutic potential for Parkinson disease. It is also about providing a set of lab services for pharmaceutical industries and research laboratories.

VideoOculograph: is a smart device for non-invasive visual disorders treatment and health diagnostics using eye movements and pupil responses.

Clynx: is developing gamification and digitalization of health solutions that improve the quality and experience of physical treatment.

Anti Shock: is a medical device start-up that is developing non-invasive continuous monitoring device that assesses blood vessel flow to help clinicians optimize administered fluid dosage.

CureAssist: is a telemedicine platform, a fully integrated digital hospital that allows the customers to communicate with doctors in real time from the comfort of their home and save their family’s medical information in a secure location